Barbour Dog Bed

The prize for winning the Barbour Dog Competition was £100 to spend on Barbour dog items. You had to select goods up to a maximum of £100. For our selection, we chose the Tartan Barbour dog bed that retails for £89.95.

The dog bed has an olive green, waxed cotton bottom and a cotton Tartan top. It has a removable cushion, to enable washing, which is quite large. We opted for the large size, due to having 2 dogs, but there is a medium size available. The bed measures 75cm by 135cm, so would fit larger breeds such as dalmatians, labradors, and maybe even Bernese mountain dogs. The bed fastens with little poppers. Mia and Hugo have always been bought luxury beds of all kinds, but, they have always preferred the sofa! Finally they seem to love this bed and lay on it regularly. The quality of the design (and I love the fact that it matches their collars) fits in with the living room decor and is not an eye sore. The bed is not machine washable and should only be sponge cleaned, which can be an issue with accidents or extremely dirty dogs.

We love it 🙂

To purchase the Barbour large wax/cotton dog duvet click here.

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