Paws in the Park

Location: South of England Show Ground, Ardently, West Sussex

Paws in the Park is an indoor and outdoor dog show that is held in different locations across England. We attended the one this weekend (14-15 May 2016) on the Saturday. It costed £10.50 for an adult ticket, although you could purchase one before hand online, at a reduced rate. The event features many dogs shows, stalls and competitions, enough to entertain both you and your dog all day.

The shows included; canine search and rescue, flyball, dog agility and more. There were little activities that you could enter your dog in, at a small cost. One of the activities was called Dash ‘n’ splash. In this activity, your dog was to leap into a pool of water to retrieve a tennis ball/toy. There were 2 levels, the small pool and the big pool. The majority of the dogs in the queue to have a go were gundog types! Labradors, spaniels and more were so excited to retrieve for their owners. There was the odd dog who managed to cheat and go down the ramp! The men running it were lovely and they gently cuddled and coaxed the dogs to jump into the vat of water. There were 2 very gold retrievers who kept popping their head up to watch the event!

There was also various stalls selling doggy goods. We stopped at quite a few of them! The first stop was the doggy bakery, where I treated Mia and Hugo to a slice of liver cake and a slice of Salmon cake. You can visit the bakery online by clicking here. We also visited Akela to top up on dog treats, admired the Hungarian Ridgebacks at the Scott’s of London Stall as well as popping into various other smaller stalls.

There were loads of dogs at the show but I do have a soft spot for spaniels! There were welsh spaniels, springers and cockers. I was in heaven! I managed to photograph a few from the day!

We had a fabulous time at the show and would highly recommend it! The next show is the 6-7 August in Stansted Park, Havant, Hampshire, hopefully you can make it!

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