The Barbour Dog competition!

I am soooooooo excited to announce that… Drum roll please… Hugo has won this months Barbour dog competition!!! To enter the competition for next month, post a photo to instagram or twitter of your dog (featuring a barbour item) tagging Barbour (@barbour) and hash-tagging barbour dogs (#barbourdogs). I shared the photo of Hugo wearing his dog collar to my dogs’ instagram account (@hugoandmia) and Barbour commented to say that we had made the 3 for April.

The voting was done through a poll on twitter. The other 2 dogs were also adorable! A Shih Tzu puppy called Max and a little terrier called Freddie. Luckily the power of social media was on our side, and people seemed to be in a spaniel mood. The prize (which is repeated each month) is a £100 shopping spree on barbour dog items. We love the barbour dog collars, so I’m sure whatever we choose will also be great! Thank you to everyone who voted for Hugo!

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