Formby Beach

Another location that we visited, on Mia and Hugo’s holiday, was Formby Beach. Formby Beach is a large sand beach, complete with sand dunes, located in Liverpool.

Location: Victoria Road, near Formby, Liverpool, L37 1LJ.

The car park is free to National Trust members, otherwise it costs £5.70, which you will need to have in cash. The car park is open from 9am to 5:15pm. We didn’t see any cafes or anywhere that served food, apart from 2 ice cream trucks, so It would probably be a good idea to bring snacks and/or a picnic. There are a few picnic areas, but there is one that dogs are not allowed to go into. By the toilets, there are 3 self-filling water bowls for your dog to have a nice clean drink from.

There is a walk, called the Squirrel Walk, where dogs are to be kept on the lead, but everywhere else they just need to be under control. It is asked that you don’t allow dogs to chase the wildlife or to disturb other guests on the beach. The beach spans a large area and you can have a lovely long walk a long the length of the beach. Alternatively, you can hike over the sand dunes, providing stunning views for you to enjoy. There are small rock pools, ideal for safe swimming for your dog. We had a fabulous time there and would thoroughly recommend others to visit there!

For more information about Formby Beach, click here.


  • If you are not a National Trust member, bring change for the car park. Change is also needed to buy refreshments from the ice cream truck.
  • Bring snacks and/or a picnic as there are no cafes or restaurants that we saw.
  • Bring water/beverages for both you and the dogs
  • Wear appropriate shoes, it’s a long walk!
  • Poo bins are located at the car park, so you will have to carry around the bags
  • Bring your camera/phone to photograph the beautiful landscape
  • There are toilets available during opening hours
  • Squirrel Walk is the only walk where you need to keep your dog(s) on a lead
  • Make sure that you are able to keep your dog(s) under control when near other members of the public and wildlife
  • There are sheep grazing at certain time of the year, just make sure that you can keep your dog under the control around them.

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