Dry Dog Food/ Kibble

Everyone has their own opinion on what dogs should be fed (and I am not a dog nutritionist). Personally, for many reasons, I feed my dogs dry dog food and then give supplements in the form of treats or an oil that is poured onto their food.

What to look for when purchasing a dry dog food

  • All dog foods should display the ingredients somewhere on the packaging. These ingredients are usually available online also. When choosing food for my dogs, I always start here.
  • Ingredients are listed in order of percentage in the food, with the first ingredient being the largest. In a good quality food, this ingredient is either a meat of fish, the specific meat or fish will also be named.
    • NOTE: companies will often split lower quality ingredients into parts so as to display the ingredients lower on the list!
  • I opt for a grain-free food. Food containing grains (such as cereals; see below) are common allergens that can cause skin and digestive issues. Dogs that eat food containing grains often produce a larger amount of poo.
  • Generally avoid dog foods that display their ingredients as ‘umbrella terms’ e.g. meat and meat derivatives, cereals, total meat content etc.
  • Dogs can have allergies to certain proteins so bear this in mind when choosing a food for your dog
  • Avoid dog foods that contain sugars, artificial colours or artificial preservatives. Opt for the foods preserved with natural ingredients.
  • For more on nutrition and additional information, click here.

The ingredients cheat list:

  • Meat and animal derivatives- carcass remains/scraps. Particularly bad for dogs with allergies as different batches often contain different mixes, coming from different animals.
  • Cereals- fillers; rice/oats/maize/wheat etc. cheap ingredients that contain little or no nutritional value to your dog and are used to bulk out food. They do contain some protein, however, it is harder for your dog to digest then protein from meat or fish. These are a type of grain.
  • Beet pulp- a controversial filler that artificially hardens stools. It has been know to cause allergies and ear infections. It is a byproduct from the extraction of sugar from sugar beets.

Recommended Dried Dog Foods (click on the names to direct you to each of their websites):

  • Millie’s Wolfheart (this is what I feed Mia and Hugo! Their customer service is particularly fantastic and I highly recommend them)
  • Akela (I get Mia and Hugo’s treats from here)
  • AATU
  • Eden Dog Food
  • Orijen
  • For more advice on choosing the right dog food for you, click here. Once you have selected a food, contact the company to ensure that you are choosing the correct type for your dog.

Again, I am not a nutritionist, just a dog owner interested in her dogs’ welfare!

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