Camber Sands

The scenic views and miles of sand make Camber Sands a favoured place for dog walking and day trips. The lengthy walk with a sand dune border, provides hours of enjoyment. Located in Rye, England, Camber sands allows dogs to visit in Winter, but dogs are not allowed in certain zoned areas between 1 May and 30 September. For more information on the zoning of the beach click here.

There is a convenient car park right next to the beach where there are also public toilets. In Winter, there is a pay and display ticket system where 3-6 hours costs £5 and 6+ hours costs £6. In the Summer months, the car park uses a pay on entry system. With no cash points too near the car park, it is worth bring a fair amount of change in preparation.

This was my second visit to Camber sands, the last being when Hugo was just under 4 months old (23rd October 2015). Now that Hugo was 8 months old, the walk could be longer with less stopping. After arriving just after 2pm on a Thursday, it was unfortunate that there were no shops open, a long the beach.

It was a mild afternoon and a few hours after our arrival, the sun was setting, providing a stunning back drop for photos.

I would highly recommend a visit to Camber Sands if you like long beach walks. My dogs loved it and were exhausted by the end of the day.

Tips for the day

  • Bring water for both you and the dogs
  • Bring snacks in case the cafes are closed
  • Bring change for the car park, some shops also require a minimum spend on a card so cash is useful
  • Pack a coat, it gets windy!
  • Remember your camera, the scenery is stunning
  • Choose appropriate footwear, in winter weather maybe opt for wellington boots or walking boots


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