Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt Treats

Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt Treats are a delicious snack for your dog to enjoy anytime, my dogs will do anything for them, especially when the weather is hot!

Makes approximately 45 treats 



-Approximately 3 silicone or plastic ice cube moulds


-50g Blueberries

-1 Ripe Banana

-100g Plain Natural Yoghurt

-50g Oats

-50g Full Fat Peanut Butter

-50g Coconut Oil in liquid form (coconut oil must be cold pressed and unrefined to get all of the benefits, in this recipe I used Lucy Bee’s Extra Virgin Organic Raw Coconut Oil)


1) Put all of the ingredients in the blender

2) Blend until smooth

3) Spoon the mixture into the ice cube moulds

4) Freeze for an hour or until solid

5) Transfer the treats into a large ziplock bag

6) Take treats individually out and serve as they are

Will Keep in the freezer for approximately 3 months

Nutritional Information Per 100g:

Energy: 1224KJ/ 295Kcal

Fat: 21.7g

Of which Saturates: 27.3g

Carbohydrates: 19g

Of which sugars: 9.5g

Fibre: 3.7g

Protein: 10.2g

Salt: 0.13g

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