Hotterdog Jumpers

In many of my photos, Mia and Hugo are wearing their hotterdog coats, and I would highly recommend the brand! They are waterproof, lightweight and washable.They are available in 5 sizes and cover the back, neck, front legs and chest. I have tried the traditional dog coat, but have found that they barely protect the dog and are often not worth the bother. With a spaniel who enjoys rolling in fox poo, the turtleneck is particularly desirable. I found them reasonably inexpensive in comparison with previous dog coats that I have purchased and there are 4 colours to choose from (I went with basic black). The dogs come back clean and dry under the jumpers, with only the exposed fur to dry off.

Another alternative to the hotterdog brand is Equafleece, with equally effective products. The equafleeces come in more colours, more sizes and more variations, however this does come at a cost. To purchase an equafleece jumper, visit the website at

When choosing any jumper or coat for your dog, make sure that you measure your dog correctly and follow the sizing guide on the sellers website.

DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid or given any merchandise for this post, this is purely a recommendation.

Francesca, Mia and Hugo

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